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"A beautiful, energetic, creative, finger-snapping interpretation of some of the most well known Holiday Classics!"

Paul Pieper, guitar

Brent Birckhead, saxophone

Janelle Gill, piano

Corcoran Holt, bass

Warren Wolf, drums

(Holiday Jazz)

"Creative remixes of some of Mills' previously released compositions"

Micah Smith, vocals

Corey Baker, producer

Sean-Toure' Thames, producer

Theljon Allen, producer

"Music and nature sounds that soothes and lulls one's soul to a place of ultimate relaxation and peace. Perfect for massages and yoga studios."

Antti Kujanpaa, piano

Marek Taits, guitar

(Light jazz)

Theljon Allen,trumpet

Lyle Link, t.saxophone

Todd Marcus, b.clarinet

Gary Young, guitar

Warren Wolf, vibes

Orrin Evans, piano

Kris Funn, u. bass

Cory Baker, e. bass

John Lamkin, drums

(Straight Ahead Jazz)

00:00 / 05:35


Be Happy (2010)

00:00 / 04:40


Be Happy (2010)

00:00 / 05:19

Remember Who You Are

Be Happy (2010)

After many years of touring with gospel artists, the artist, thusly dubbed the Kingdom Flutist,

revisited the world of classical music, utilizing the training she began at age seven. Mills

commented, "Performing classical music for the first time in many years rekindled my love my the genre. Preparing the pieces for the project felt like a homecoming.


 Hubert Laws, flute

Robin Massie, viola

Caleb Jones, cello

Anastasia Pike, harp

Clinton Adams, piano

Magadalena Duhagon, gtr

00:00 / 02:54


Kingdom Goes Classical (2010)

00:00 / 03:28

The Lord's Prayer

Kingdom Goes Classical (2010)

Todd Marcus, b. clarinet

Greg Tardy, t. saxophone

Keyon Harrold, trumpet

Gary Young, guitar

Mike Moreno, guitar

Herman Burney, bass

Allyn Johnson, piano

Warren Wolf, vibes

Clyde Adams, drums

Rogerio Bocatto, percussion

(Inspirational Jazz)

"I love this CD! Delandria is mad gifted. My favorite tracks are 321AM, Jesus Loves Me, and Love Song. Honestly though, I usually just play the entire cd from start to finish. Overall, a solid project. I'd rate it 10 stars if I could. A Mandatory addition to your collection" #all_day 

"This album is simply awesome. FAR more than I expected... ...This album sits somewhere between EXCELLENT & PERFECT!" #wdlyle

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3:21 am

Manifestation (2008)

00:00 / 00:32

Jesus Loves Me 

Manifestaion (2008)

00:00 / 08:06

Recover All

Manifestation (2008)

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