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Be Happy

Be Happy

Quotes About the Artist

The artists torch is being passed from Hubert Laws to Delandria Mills!!! Delandria is the the real deal. Both in her inherent abilities ... but in the work she puts into her gifted-ness to become the master of music on her instrument that she is. Hubert Laws as we know, is an ascended master ... but the big question is who will carry the torch he has taken to the to the highest level? Well, my understanding is ... among all the young Flutists out there today. Delandria is the heir apparent to carry the torch now and beyond. Like so many torch bearers recognized today it makes a monumental difference that those that will possess the profound artistry and brilliance to contribute to this music should and need to be recognized for their "stepping up" and contributing to this "River of Truth" and Delandria is all that! --George Heid Sr, Heid Studios, Pittsburgh, PA

Delandria has a presence and a sound on the flute that you won’t soon forget. Combine great tone and technique with seasoned jazz chops, and you get Delandria Mills. --Jeff Antoniuk, Saxophonist & Director All About Jazz, Washington DC

On Thursday night the Sisters In Jazz appeared in concert at the Naantali Wanha Kaivohuone . Their presentation included works by great jazz legends and compositions by members of the six-woman collective. Works performed included those by Wayne Shorter, Thelonious Monk, Freddie Hubbard, and Antti Kujanpää as well as those two orchestra members, those being flutist Delandria Mills and saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin…. Flutist Delandria Mills, in turn, was at her best in ballads by African-American jazz master Yusef Lateef and her own, both as flutist and singing her own ‘Manifestation’. -Jarmo Wallenius, Turun Sanomat (FINLAND)

One of the most prolific, powerful, and effortlessly poetic flutist/composer/singers of her time... Delandria Mills is carving her way to the top of her musical realm, with her own unique combination of jazz, classical, and hip hop music. With absolute fluency in all registers, extraordinary technique, and beautiful tone, Ms. Mills is certainly one to watch on a global spectrum. -- Sesco Scott, Top Choice the Agency, New York

Delandria Mills' music is an uncontrollable force. It is pensive a serious thought one moment; blustery as a storm the next. A listen is to discover nourishment your spirit is in search of. --Bill Harvey, WEAA 88.9, Baltimore

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