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KFW 2020 Camp Registration

Student’s Name ________________________ Age: ____

Student’s Phone ________________ Email: ________________

Gender: Male ____ Female ____ Non-Binary ____

Years of Flute Playing Experience:_____ (mark one) *yrs/mos

Years of Private Instruction:_________

Current Instructor's Name__________________

Grade (2020-21 school year): ____

Year in College: Freshman___ Sophomore___ Junior ___ Senior___ 

Address ________________________

City_____________ State ____ Zip_______ 

Parent/Guardian’s Name ______________________________

Cell Phone _______________ Email: ____________________

Important: There will be a hired media team capturing footage and images for promotional purposes.

Please note if you do not want your child's image to be captured.


How to apply for full or partial scholarships:

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship submit an essay explaining why they wish to attend camp.

Scholarship essay are due by June 17th.

Scholarship essays MUST:

1. be at least one paragraph long

2. be written by the student applicant

3. be submitted with the student's application 

Student's signature: ____________________

Parent’s signature (REQUIRED for students under 18): ________________


Complete (electronic) Essay Here:

Copy, paste, and submit application and essays here -->Contact Page and leave content in the 'comment box' or email

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