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Workshops & Masterclasses with Delandria Mills:

Approaching Tone Development and Performance Technique

During both Masterclasses & Workshops there is a focus on practice technique, tone, dexterity development, stage presence, and musicianship, combining the rigors of practice with the intensity of public performance. For audience members, they reveal the fine details of great music-making.

Delandria at PV Prairie View A & M University onstage


Reading from Book: Demi's Flute presented by Delandria

Open Lessons: Selected students will have a 10-15 minute lessons in front of the listening audience.

Q&A led by Delandria


Musical Demonstration

Student Performances: Selected students will have a 15 minute guided coaching lessons in front of a listening audience.)

Q&A led by Delandria

45 to 75 minute sessions

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